The Brand

This tale begins with one Italian designer’s passion for music, in the city of Lübeck, Germany, over three decades ago. Luis Negri, a talented young artist and musician, began following in the footsteps of his ancestors, founding a workshop, hand-crafting specialized, luxury cases for violins. In a very short time, synonymous to quality, aesthetics and functionality, these handcrafted designs were in high demand worldwide, to protect the most prestigious and highly valued Stradivarius and Guarneri’s worth tens of millions of euros.

In a blend of philharmonic passion and contemporary style, each unique product transport sensations, character and class. The combination of art and style capture a harmonious transition in the new and first collection of Luis Negri accessories. Of the finest quality and craft the individuality of each piece reflects personality and luxury, far from cliché trends; a timeless, delightful, mini trunk.

As a symbol of complexity and status Luis Negri luxury travel collections and accessories transcend the uniqueness of a woman. The fresh look carries a stimulating addition to any look reflecting the talent of the designer himself.

The Bauletto

Luis Negri designs evolve from exclusive creations, with Bauletto as the founding design, there is an unlimited stylistic capacity to explore. The designer’s passion is at the core of each piece with additional and exclusive ornamental finishes; luxurious silk, feathers and fine skins, finesse, sophistication and quality,

The model AIDA, is a special edition, with ostentatious relics of Egypt, inspired by the opera of Guiseppe Verdi, with Anima Bianca, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Moulin Rouge implemented in feathers and finesse of the Parisian cabaret dancers; Barroque and Renaissance unite with pop, a sonority of colour, bold, talented handiwork fused together artistically, branded inspiring and beauty of Luis Negri designs.

All pieces and designs are adaptable to individual choices and tastes. The colours, textures and finer details, chrome finishes or gold or silver touches are limitless in the world of Luis Negri’s designs.

los bolsos
la coleccion

The Collection

Each article is completed one at a time from the highest quality materials. Each model evolves from a base of light materials, Cottonwood or Poplar, exclusive leather, American Alligator and African Lizard skins, fine trimmings of suede and microfiber, all iron work is of solid bronze, hand crafted in Varese (Italy) and optionally plated with gold or palladium. Attention is doted down to the smallest of details, with carefully measured artistic expression, creating a balance of beauty, pragmatism and style.

The colour selection is an infinite array of possibilities, from basic primary reds to explosive cromes, fluorescent flavours, or subtle beiges, sweet pastels, formal or discreet, bold tones of deep green or solid marine, maroon or black. Each combination reflect the unique personality and art of Luis Negri designs.

The Bauletto is the Trademark model, a mythical compilation of neoclassic lines and form and the idea of the enchantment of a jewelry box, and is available in two sizes.