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    Luis Negri Bags About Us

    The story of a brand created by the business and craftsman Luis Negri. Born in Herten (Germany) in 1967, although of Italian nationality, spends his childhood in Buenos Aires (Argentina) surrounded by a family atmosphere of musicians. When he was 19, returns to Lübeck, Germany, where more than 3 decades ago founded Negri Cases, a specialized workshop in the artisan production of violin cases.

    In a few years, his cases, synonymous with aesthetics, functionality and high quality, become the most precious to protect old violins. Musical jewels as Stradivarius and Guarnerius violins, some of them valued at more than 10 million dollars, and musicians at the height of Lord Yehudi Menhuin, Ruggiero Ricci, Akiko Suwanai, Vadim Repin, Linus Roth and the great Maxim Vengerov are among the brand lovers.

    As a result of his success, Luis Negri decides to take the music and art language to accessories, creating his first handbag collection with a contemporary style in which he expresses his personal vision of luxury: crafts, timelessness and own identity. Unique and extraordinary pieces that, far from ephemeral and fleeting fashion trends, transcend in time and make up a journey within each person.

    Creations that are part of the trades of the seam, upholstery and marquetry, giving shape to the artisan know how which Luis Negri has been developing since more than 30 years, first in his violin cases and later in fashion.

    Bags of craft production and impeccable design. Luis Negri pieces are made with a very light basis structure of poplar wood, focusing attention on the colors and the use of the best and exclusive raw materials. They are used high-quality leathers and skins as calf, deer, phyton, or a wide range of reptiles such as the American alligator, African Varanus lizard or South American Yacaré. The interiors are made of goat suede and high-quality microfiber. The fittings are of solid bronze, handcrafted in the Italian city of Varese, and plated in gold or palladium.

    The colors cover a wide range of possibilities that includes from the primary and basic colors, the sobriety of the garnets, marines and brows, until the color explosion of the fluorescent tones. A balance between beauty and pragmatism, classicism and transgression, which gives rise to a universe of infinite aesthetic possibilities and converts Luis Negri handbags in works of art.



    Luis Negri Bags About Us
    Luis Negri Bags About Us



    The origin and the passion of Luis Negri for music has a clear influence on their bags. Like music, collections are inspired by different and variable emotions and personalities, and as a result they are timeless and continue at an independent rate of the ephemeral and changing fashion trends. Collections define the new contemporary lux through unique pieces that endure over time, and that thanks to its emotional nature reflect the personality and individuality of who wears it.

    The box bag has become the emblematic model of the brand. Designed with neoclassical lines and chest form, it is available in two sizes and variety of styles. The brand has also evolved toward more exclusive and limited creations with ornament in the form of feathers, silk, lace or leathers that reflect the quality, sophistication and artisan talent of Luis Negri.

    Of course, all Luis Negri bags can be customized. The customer can choose the main and secondary color, the leather type and the kind of metal for the fittings (gold/silver) of any of the models available, making them non-transferable pieces that only represent his owner.

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